I am an Assistant Professor of Public Health at Simmons University. I use methods and theories from epidemiology, economics, political science, and demography to study population health in low-income, high-mortality contexts, with data from experiments, household surveys, administrative records, and population simulations. I have investigated assistance for internally displaced persons, programs to aid survivors of sexual violence, leadership training for at-risk young women, spatial patterns in child mortality, bias in estimates of child mortality due to HIV/AIDS, and effects of health infrastructure on health outcomes. Since 2014, I have focused on projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) so that I can build collaborative relationships with local scientists, program managers, and policy-makers, and so that I can better understand the culture, politics, and economy.

If you’re looking for a tool to remove bias due to HIV in indirect estimates of under-5 mortality, click on the link in the upper right.

You can reach me at john [dot] quattrochi [at] simmons [dot] edu